Miracle on 34th Street

Miracle on 34th Street

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The cast and crew can take a big bow after this classic production of Miracle on 34th Street! Many families were delighted to see their children on stage and that they got to meet Santa! What a heart-warming show.




John Sloss as Kris Kringle

Miracle on 34th Street

Written by Peter Troxell and Rita Faye Wadsworth

Directed By Erin Watson Guard


Kris Kringle - Jake Sloss

Doris Walker - Amy Culver

Fred Gayley - Benjamin Kerr

Susan Walker - Maggie Shelton and Gina Travis

Mrs. Shellhammer - Jennine Weber

Sawyer - David Campbell

Doctor Pierce - John Devine

Judge Harper - George Webster

Halloran - Maddie McCormick

Finley - Jack Gallagher

Mara - Kathryn Leech

Mr. Macy - Jim Hulme

Bloomingdale - Marilyn Esner

Janet - Isabel Nagel

Al - Randy Thomas Johnson

Lou - Robby Johnson

Duncan - Rachee Fagg

German girl - Sarah Norbeck


Fred Gayley (Benjamin Kerr) and Doris Walker (Amy Culver)

court room practice

Mr. Gayley questions Mr. Macy (Jim Hulme) during Kris Kringle's hearing. Judge Harper presides (George Webster) with his right-hand man, Finley (Jack Gallagher) at his side. Ms. Mara (Kathryn Leech), the no nonsense District Attorney for the State of New York is making sure that Mr. Gayley is playing by the book,



Arpy Jones

Jackie Anderson

Avalon Leech

Marcy Hoffmann


Arpy Jones and Marcy Hoffmann as two of Santa's little helpers.


Sean, Child #1 - Steven Guard

Child #2 -  Isabel Nagel

Johnny - Daniel Devine, Frederick Cubler, III

Adorable Extra - Olivia Weber


Other Roles:

Drunken Santa - Steve Lythgoe

Bag lady, 3rd pedestrian, Megan's Parent - Marilyn Esner

First Pedestrian, Foster Mother - Rachee Fagg

Matthew, 2nd pedestrian -  Aidan Lopez

Johnny's Parent - Jack Gallagher

Sharon's Parent, Newscaster, Rich person - Maddie McCormick



Director - Erin Guard 

Assistant Director, Stage Manager - Jean Marie Vance Martin

Stage Manager - Christina Clements-Pijanowski

Properties Master  - Jennine Weber

Costumer Extraordinaire - Annaliese Gove

Makeup Mistress - Rebekah Guard

Lighting Designer - Erin Van Bremen

Sound and Light Technician, Set decorator- Patrick O' Niel

Sound Designer - Seth Guard


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