We present our 3rd installment of… Parking Lot Theatre!

We present our third installment of... Parking Lot Theatre!

Show Info
Friday and Saturday Nights @ 7pm
Sunday Matinees @ 2pm

Tickets are $10. You can purchase tickets at the door or down below.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email colonialplayhousetheatre@yahoo.com


Colonial Playhouse once again presents...

Parking Lot Theatre!

Are you missing the theatre as much as we are? Have no fear, we're bringing you the joy of live theatre with a socially distant spin on our Colonial Quickies! Come enjoy a series of short plays right in our parking lot!

Our third installment runs Friday, November 20th - Sunday, November 22nd. Here's what you can look forward to:

Your Call is Important to Us

Written and directed by Jessica McGowan
The Caller: Sam Dressler
Phone Voice: Christine Sangco

Viewer Discretion is Advised

Written by Rob Carroll |Directed by Ron Hill
Narrator: Sean Wiley
Man: Jim Copeland
Waitress: Susan Triggiani


Personal Effects

Written by Kristen Scatton |Directed by Ally Batot
Scatton is a Los Angeles based playwrights originally from Philadelphia. We previously presented this play back in 2011.


Dorothy “Dottie” Carter: Kathy Leech
Maura Carter: ErinMarie Friel
Michael Carter: Russell Weidenmiller

Life on Earth

Written by Connie Schindewolf | Directed by Vincent Fox
Ellie: Ally Batot
Ryan: Alex Ross



Written by Mark Harvey Levine |Directed by ErinMarie Friel
Cindy: Christine Sangco
Barry: Jim Golden
Stephanie: Nance Reeves


Written by Alex Dremann | Directed by Sam Barrett
Vin: JP Timlin
Jenkins: Ron Hill

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In case you missed our first weekend in September, here's what we had to offer:

The Cranks

Written by Alex Dremann | Directed by Erin Marie Friel

Fran: Susan Triggiani

Frank: Jim Golden

Truth Canyon

Written by Rob Carroll | Directed by Vince Fox

Carlotta: Kathy Leech

Harold: Sam Dressler

Face to Facebook

Written by Mark Harvey Levine | Directed by Ron Hill

Marvin: Vince Fox

Amanda: Christine Sangco

Tablet: Annaliese Gove

Waitress: Ally Batot

Leaving Nic

Written by Connie Schindewolf | Directed by Ally Batot

Sue: Erin Marie Friel

Nic: Sean Wiley

And here's what you may have missed in October:

Lash Out
Written by Rob Carroll | directed by Ron Hill
Carol - ErinMarie Friel
Tom - Sean Wiley
The Near Distant Future
Written by Mark Harvey Levine | directed by Ally Batot
Steve - Vince Fox
Joshua - Jim Golden
Maddie - Susan Triggiani
Fighting Mr. Right
Written by Barbara Lindsay | directed by Vince Fox
Marla - Nance Reeves
Joel - Jim Copeland
The Pen
Written by Rob Carroll | directed by Erin Marie Friel
1st Woman - Kathy Leech
2nd Woman - Christine Sangco
The Grout Fairy
Written by Connie Schindewolf | directed by Jessica McGowan
Shelby - Sam Barrett
GF - Ron Hill

Hope to see you soon!~

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