Parking Lot Theatre

Parking Lot Theatre

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Friday and Saturday Nights @ 7pm
Sunday Matinees @ 2pm

Tickets are $10. You can purchase tickets at the door or down below.

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**Please note the change in dates!**

Colonial Playhouse presents...

Parking Lot Theatre!

Are you missing the theatre as much as we are? Have no fear, we're bringing you the joy of live theatre with a socially distant spin on our Colonial Quickies! Come enjoy a series of short plays right in our parking lot!

We are looking for actors/directors for our second weekend. Actors interested should email Ron Hill at

We are currently not looking for writing submissions.

Our first weekend is in the works! Here's our line up for September 25th - 27th:

The Cranks | Directed by Erin Marie Friel

Fran: Susan Triggiani

Frank: Jim Golden

Truth Canyon | Directed by Vince Fox

Carlotta: Kathy Leech

Harold: Sam Dressler

Face to Facebook | Directed by Ron Hill

Marvin: Vince Fox

Amanda: Christine Sangco

Tablet: Annaliese Gove

Waitress: Ally Batot

Leaving Nic | Directed by Ally Batot

Sue: Erin Marie Friel

Nic: Sean Wiley

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