We’re back with our 4th installment of Parking Lot Theatre!

We're back with our 4th installment of Parking Lot Theatre!

Show Info
Friday and Saturday Nights @ 7pm
Sunday Matinees @ 2pm

Tickets are $10. You can purchase tickets at the door or down below.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email colonialplayhousetheatre@yahoo.com

APRIL 23RD – 24TH @ 7, APRIL 25TH @ 2

Colonial Playhouse once again presents...

Parking Lot Theatre!


We're back with our much-awaited 4th installment Parking Lot Theatre! If you haven't had the pleasure of joining us yet on the blacktop, we're showing 7 short plays in the comfort of our own parking lot. Bring a chair, a blanket, and some laughs for this fun-filled experience!

Our 4th installment runs Friday, April 23rd - Sunday, April 25th. Check out our amazing cast for this time around:


A Walk in the Ocean

By Mark Harvey Levine | Directed by ErinMarie Friel
Jim Golden
Nance Reeves


By Alex Dremann | Directed by Ron Hill
ErinMarie Friel
Sean Wiley

Canyon’s Edge

By Barbara Lindsay | Directed by Ron Hill
Anne Allen
Jim Copeland
Christine Sangco


By Alex Dremann | Directed by Sam Barrett
Kathryn Leech
Susan Triggiani

Restaurant Scene

By Jessica McGowan | Directed by Jessica McGowan
Sam Dressler
Kathryn Leech
Jessica McGowan

Romantic Little Schnit

By Rob Carroll | Directed by Jim Copeland
Ally Batot
Alex Ross
John Devine


By Marc Schuster | Directed by Sam Barrett
Sam Barrett
Dave Cashell
Den Mahoney



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Hope to see you there!~



In case you missed our first weekend in September, here's what we had to offer:


The Cranks 

Written by Alex Dremann | Directed by Erin Marie Friel 

Fran: Susan Triggiani

Frank: Jim Golden


Truth Canyon

Written by Rob Carroll | Directed by Vince Fox

Carlotta: Kathy Leech

Harold: Sam Dressler


Face to Facebook

Written by Mark Harvey Levine | Directed by Ron Hill

Marvin: Vince Fox

Amanda: Christine Sangco

Tablet: Annaliese Gove

Waitress: Ally Batot


Leaving Nic

Written by Connie Schindewolf | Directed by Ally Batot

Sue: Erin Marie Friel

Nic: Sean Wiley


And here's what you may have missed in October:

Lash Out
Written by Rob Carroll | directed by Ron Hill
Carol - ErinMarie Friel
Tom - Sean Wiley
The Near Distant Future
Written by Mark Harvey Levine | directed by Ally Batot
Steve - Vince Fox
Joshua - Jim Golden
Maddie - Susan Triggiani
Fighting Mr. Right
Written by Barbara Lindsay | directed by Vince Fox
Marla - Nance Reeves
Joel - Jim Copeland
The Pen
Written by Rob Carroll | directed by Erin Marie Friel
1st Woman - Kathy Leech
2nd Woman - Christine Sangco
The Grout Fairy
Written by Connie Schindewolf | directed by Jessica McGowan
Shelby - Sam Barrett
GF - Ron Hill
What we presented in November:

Your Call is Important to Us

Written and directed by Jessica McGowan

The Caller: Sam Dressler

Phone Voice: Christine Sangco


Viewer Discretion is Advised

Written by Rob Carroll |Directed by Ron Hill

Narrator: Sean Wiley

Man: Jim Copeland

Waitress: Susan Triggiani


Personal Effects

Written by Kristen Scatton |Directed by Ally Batot

Scatton is a Los Angeles based playwrights originally from Philadelphia. We previously presented this play back in 2011.

Dorothy “Dottie” Carter: Kathy Leech

Maura Carter: ErinMarie Friel

Michael Carter: Russell Weidenmiller


Life on Earth

Written by Connie Schindewolf | Directed by Vincent Fox

Ellie: Ally Batot

Ryan: Alex Ross



Written by Mark Harvey Levine |Directed by ErinMarie Friel

Cindy: Christine Sangco

Barry: Jim Golden

Stephanie: Nance Reeves



Written by Alex Dremann | Directed by Sam Barrett

Vin: JP Timlin

Jenkins: Ron Hill


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