Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka Jr.

May 5th, 6th, 7th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 19th, 20th, 21st

Fridays & Saturdays: 8 pm ($25)
Sunday Matinees: 2 pm ($20)

Auditions: January 21st & 23rd

Colonial Playhouse will hold open (no appointment required) auditions on Saturday, January 21st from Noon to 2 p.m. and Monday January 23 7pm – 9pm  at Colonial Playhouse 522 W. Magnolia Avenue, Aldan, PA  19018
Adapted for the stage by Leslie Bricusse and Timothy Allen McDonald, Lyrics and Music by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley, and based on the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, this musical tells the timeless story of the world-famous candy man and his quest to find an heir, and promises to be a golden ticket full of adventure, magical confections, mysterious places, and promises to warm the heart with its teaching of  the importance of having character and being grateful.  It is sweetly chock full of family fun.  The story starts when “the greatest candy maker of all time,” sends five golden tickets wrapped in five of his famous Wonka Chocolate Bars out into the world in search of five lucky child winners who will get to visit his famous factory and have the chance to win a lifetime supply of chocolate, among many other scrumptious things!   
Show dates include nine performances: May 5, 6, 7*, 12, 13, 14* 19 20, 21*. Friday and Saturday performances at 8:00 p.m. and Sunday Matinee* Performances at 2:00 p.m. 
Please come prepared to sing 16 – 32 bars (approximately one minute) of a song either from the show, or in the style of the show.  An accompanist will not be at the audition.  A sound system will be provided, so please bring a thumb drive of your music backing track to sing along to.  The tracks to the show will be available for you to sing along to as well.  Please ensure that there are no backing vocals of any kind on the track. No acapella singing please.
PLEASE NOTE:  Actors who want to be considered for a solo role must sing.    All auditioners will be asked to read from the script and participate in a simple dance audition.    No open toed shoes please! 


Willy Wonka/Candy Man (Gender:  Any - age 15-70) Vocal range:  Top F5 bottom: G3.  An enigmatic character, mysterious and charismatic, with the ability to be comedic and dramatic and change between the two on a dime!  An experienced actor/singer is required for this lead role.
Charlie Bucket (Male age 12-15) Vocal range:  Top F5 bottom A3. Charlie is the emotional heart and soul of the musical and boasts constant enthusiasm! He is in nearly every scene.  An experienced actor/singer is required for this lead role who can handle the demand of the role.  A youthful voice is preferred for this role.
Grandpa Joe (Male: aged 55-65) Vocal range: Top Eb5 bottom: Bb3.  A caring and patient grandparent (one we wished we all had).  This role needs an actor who can be kind, funny and makes a great duo with Charlie.  This role sings a bit, however vocal skills are secondary to the need for an experienced actor with solid skills.
Mr. Bucket: (Male aged:  35-45) Vocal range: Top:  C#5 bottom D4.  Mr. Bucket is Charlie’s father, who has a nice voice, and is a natural nurturer.  Mr. Bucket performs the number “Think Positive” with Charlie. 
Mrs. Bucket: (Female age 35-45) Vocal Range: B3-G4 Mrs. Bucket is Charlie’s mother, who has a good voice, and is a natural nurturer.  She sings “Cheer Up Charlie” with Mr. Bucket and Grandpa Joe.   
Grandpa George (Male age 55-65) Non singing role.  Grandpa George is a character role, who must possess good comic timing, and solid acting skills.
Grandma Georgina (Female age 55-65) Non singing role.  Grandma Georgina is a character role, who must possess good comic timing and acting skills.
Grandma Josephina (Female age 55-65) Non singing role.  Grandma Josephina is a character role, who must possess good comic timing and acting skills.
Phineous Trout (Male or Female age 13-70) Vocal Range: Top: C5 bottom: B3.  Phineous is the reporter who announces the winners of the Golden Tickets Contest throughout the show.  The actor for this role must have a good announcer’s voice and a great stage presence.
Mrs. Gloop (Female age 35-45) Vocal Range top: E5 bottom: B3.  Mrs. Gloop is Augustus’ mother who has overindulged her son with food.  She accompanies Augustus on the tour of the factory and sings “I Eat More!” The role requires a character actress who isn’t afraid to take positive risks both in her acting and singing.
Mrs. Beauregarde (Female age 35-55) Vocal Range: top: G4 bottom C4.   Mrs. Beauregarde is Violet’s mother and is a teacher of geography.  She has invested a great deal of hard-earned money on therapy for her gum chewing daughter, with less than stellar results.  The role is non-singing.  Southern accent preferred to match Violet’s accent.
Mr. Salt (Male age: 35-55) Vocal Range top:  G4 bottom C4.  Mr. Salt’s is Veruca’s father and his solution to most problems is to buy his way out.  He is upper class and is portrayed with a high British accent which is preferred for this role to match Veruca’s accent.
Violet Beauregarde (Female age 13-17).  Vocal Range:  top: G5 bottom: G3.  Violet is a gum chewer extraordinaire, who hails from Snellville, Georgia.  A southern accent is preferred.  This role requires an experienced actor and singer with a strong voice.
Mike Teavee (Male age 13-17) Vocal Range top G5, bottom G3.  Mike is not just a tv junkie, but also addicted to video games, the internet and any other mind-numbing technological device!  He is bratty, loud and obnoxious.  He does not understand the word “no.” Mike and Ms. Teavee sing “I See It All On TV.”  An experienced actor with good vocal skills is preferred for this role. 
James/Ensemble (Male aged 12-17) Vocal range top:  F#4, bottom: A3.  James is Charlie’s friend from school.  Minimum lines and sings the intro of “The Candy Man” along with Matilda and Charlie.
Augustus Gloop (Gender:  Any (Age 12-17) Vocal range top:  G5, bottom B3.  Augustus is the overachieving eater.  He performs “I Eat More” with his mother and Phineoous Trout. 
Ms. Teavee: (Female age: 35-45) Vocal range top: F5, bottom: B3 Ms. Teavee is a take on all television moms of the distant past.  She is perfectly put together and a bit vacant.  She sings “I See It All On TV.”   
Veruca Salt: (Female age -13-18) Vocal Range:  top:  E5, bottom: A3. A wealthy, class conscious, completely spoiled brat.  British accent preferred.  An experienced actor with strong vocals is required.
Matilda/Ensemble: (Female age 12-15).  Vocal Range:  top: B4, bottom: C#4. A bit of a bully, Matilda is a school mate of Charlie.  She sings the intro of “The Candy Man” along with James and Charlie.
Ensemble Roles:
The Candy Man Kids/Oompa Loompas/Cooks/Squirrels  (Male and Female ages 10-17). 
Casting Notices will be sent to all auditioners ASAP via email no later than Wednesday, January 25th.  A (10-15 minute) parent meeting will take place at the beginning of our first rehearsal (tentatively first week of February).  Rehearsals will occur at the Playhouse two evenings (tbd) from 6:30pm-8:30pm  and Sundays from 2pm – 5pm. Please bring conflicts to audition.
For more information/any questions, send us an email to:
**Please review our updated mask mandate on the home page of our website.**

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