The Manor

Performance Location, Dates and Times
"The Manor" will be performed at Greystone Hall in West Chester.

1034 Phoenixville Pike
West Chester, PA 19380

Dates of performances: 
November 14, 15, 16, 29, 30 at 7pm
November 17, 30 Dec 1 at 2pm

Tickets for this special event will be $60.00

Back by popular demand!

Colonial Playhouse in association with Greystone Hall

is proud to announce the production of The Manor by Kathrine Bates. 


Director Sam Barrett is looking for actors for this production. 6 men 6 women ages 20 - ?

Auditions are being held at 
Greystone Hall Saturday June 29 
Colonial Playhouse Sunday June 30 at 7pm
Cold readings from the script.
If cast, actors must be able to travel to Greystone Hall.  
Many Sunday rehearsals will be held at Greystone Hall. 
Show dates are Nov 14, 15, 16, 29, 30 at 7pm  
                          Nov 1730 Dec 1 at 2pm
Two shows on Nov 30
ALSO -- looking for a stage manager for this production. 
Any questions please email Sam at
The Manor by Kathrine Bates
Set in the 1920's this original play of a fictionalized story, inspired by true events, chronicles the triumphs and travails of the prominent MacAlister family as they ride thetide of good fortune until an involvement in a political scandal sparks a downward spiral that ends in senseless tragedy. 
To lend authenticity to the tale, the show will be presented in the grand and glorious Greystone Hall in West Chester, PA. Audience members are led from room to room in the beautiful mansion as different scenes of the narrative are portrayed, leading up to a shocking murder suicide. 
1. Charles MacAlister: 50’s, ages to 60’s. Mining tycoon. A charismatic, slap-on-the-back kind of guy with an easygoing manner, but with a power and ruthlessness lurking beneath that he draws on whenever necessary. Humble beginnings in Scotland, came here with a dream, but reached bottom several times. He always believed he had a greater destiny and never gave up… only to have his good reputation and success tarnished by scandal and heartbreak.
2. Marion MacAlister: 40’s, ages to 50’s. A woman of uncommon strength and character, her “proper” demeanor masks a heart that loves and protects with abandon. She adores Charles, revels in her home and family, and trusts her instincts - which at the moment tell her to be wary of Senator Winston. 
3. Sean MacAlister: 20’s, ages to 30’s. Son and heir to Charles, and the apple of his eye. Adversity in his early years has given way to a life of ease and good fortune. Sean is comfortable with his position as family scion, though he lacks his father’s brains and drive. He loves his new wife, Abby, and is happy to have found companionship with her friend, Greg.
4. Abby MacAlister: 19ish to late 20’s. A sexy, mischievous, energetic gal, full of live and loving it - and why not? She’s snagged one of THE most eligible bachelors in theworld, and life looks incredibly rosy.
5. Gregory Pugh: Handsome, with a gentle, sensitive nature, he develops an immediate rapport with Sean. While Greg hits pay dirt when he and Sean hit it off, he is never motivated by that, but rather by a sense of belonging. His warmth and attractiveness are undermined, however, by a tendency toward nervousness and instability, exacerbated by his nagging wife, Henrietta.
6. Henrietta Havesham Pugh: [cockney accent/sings one song] Greg’s cutesy but annoying wife, she’s thrilled at his new prospects. A low-born vaudeville singer, she’s never had much, so she grabs whatever she thinks she can get. What may once have been adorably outrageous is now naggy and unattractive. She helps drive her agitated husband over the edge.
7. Senator Alfred Winston: Charles’ close friend since youth, Alfred’s a good ol’ boy politician who enjoys the trappings of power and uses them. Vainglorious and smug, his narcissism leads to a downfall he never saw coming.
8. Cora Winston: Politely aloof, she enjoys the world her husband has created for her -- until the bottom falls out. Her comeuppance, however, is not a happy circumstance, for in her sorrow she reveals inner feelings that make her entirely sympathetic.
9. Frank Parsons: Abby’s father and Charles’ lawyer, he played a hand in making sure his daughter ended up with Sean.
10. James, the Butler: Delivers important prologue and epilogue; leads one of the audience groups and is a presence throughout.
11. Ellie, the Maid: Confidante of Abby, Ellie doesn’t speak. She is a mute witness to the goings-on, and functions as a liaison with the audience by interacting directly with them through facial reactions, gestures, etc.
12. Ursula, the Housekeeper: Leads one of the audience groups, she will chat (ad lib) with the group as she leads them, imparting factual information about the manor(i.e. Greystone) and partaking in MacAlister family gossip.


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