All My Sons (copy)

All My Sons

Performance Dates
September 22 – October 7, 2017

An American masterpiece, All My Sons examines the relationships between fathers and sons, the price men pay for the American Dream, the moral and emotional scars of war, and human struggle for moral and legal conscience. A family drama that established Arthur Miller as a leading voice in the American theater, All My Sons takes the audience to a startling and heartbreaking conclusion.


Joe Keller – Lou Wheeler

Kate Keller – Loretta Lucy Miller

Chris Keller – Kevin Towell

Ann Deever – Sandra Lawler

George Deever – Charles Hoffmann

Jim Bayliss – Stephen Kelly

Sue Bayliss – Cathy Fallon

Frank Lubey – Benjamin Kerr

Lydia Lubey – Ally Batot

Bert – Daniel Boyd

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